Library Guide

About the use of the library

Everyone who lives or works in Akita Prefecture is able to borrow materials outside the library. The student whose home is Akita Prefecture can also borrow materials outside the library.

Reading room counter

Reading room is on the second floor, and the counter is in the reading room.

To borrow materials

To borrow materials you need the "Library Card" that Akita prefectural library issues.Please fill out the "Library Card application" and apply for at the reading room counter on the second floor. At that time, please bring the certificate that proves your address and name. (health insurance card, driver's license, ID card, student pocketbook, and foreign registration card, etc.)

Please bring the books which you want to borrow with your Library Card to the counter.

The number of materials that can be borrowed

  • books,magazines      up to 8 total
  • audiovisual materials      up to 3

The number of days that can be borrowed

  • books      for 22 days
  • magazines,audiovisual materials      for 10 days

Akita Prefectural Library

*Please offer to the staff of the counter when your address or name or telephone number is changed.

To return materials

In the case of books and magazines, please return them to the reading room counter or the book-return box. The book-return box is at the main entrance.In the case of audiovisual materials, please return them to only the reading room counter.
And you can also return materials at Akita literature museum.

To search materials

In the reading room, there are 9 terminals of OPAC(Online Public Access Catalog). (Touch panel type terminals are 2, and Desktop type terminals are 7.) You can search materials by these terminals.
You can also print out the search's results.

OPAC(Online Public Access Catalog)

To reserve materials

It is possible to reserve a material which has been borrowed. When you want to reserve materials, apply for the staff of the counter.

To use materials which library don't own

When the library does not own a material which you search, you can borrow the material from other library, or request the copy of the material.(The carriage and the copy price are charged.)

To use audiovisual materials in the library

When you want to use audiovisual materials in the library, please bring the material with application form to the reading room counter, and receive a headphone.
You may use up to 2 audiovisual materials at a time.

To use newspapers and magazines

Backnumbers of newspapers are able to be read or copied by original papers,reduced‐size editions or microfilm. In principle,those published during these 6 months are at the newspaper corner in the reading room.
The latest magazines and weeklies are not available to borrow.
Backnumbers of magazines are at the magazine's shelves or closed stacks.
When you want to use backnumbers of magazines, please apply to the reading room counter by application form.

To use the Internet

When you want to use the Internet, please make a reservation of seats at the reception terminal in front of reading room counter.
The Internet is free of charge.
The Internet is available for one hour at a single reservation.
It is not available to print or download on the terminals.

To use wireless LAN service

It is possible to use Internet at the wireless LAN service area in the reading room.
We can't lend personal computers, tablet devices and wireless LAN cards. Please carry them by yourself.

To copy materials

It is possible to copy materials that Akita prefectural library own.
Then you may copy materials within the range of the Copyright Law.
When you want to copy materials, please apply by application form.

Telephone books all over the Japan by NTT

Telephone books all over the Japan are in the reading room or closed stacks.
If you need in closed stacks, please ask the staff of library.

To use from the Library of cities, towns and villages

It is possible to borrow materials through the library of cities, towns and villages.(free of charge)
About details, please ask at your near public library.

Reference of materials

About materials, we receive questions by letters, telephone, fax and E-mail.
※We introduce the materials for the investigation and the research. Please consult.